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Fan Fiction Now News
Posted: 2012-05-31
Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games have been added under the Books section. The Avengers as been added under movies. [id# 41]
Posted: 2011-07-22
'glee' section has been added under TV shows, I'll move over any fics that need to be moved some time in the next few weeks. [id# 40]
Posted: 2011-03-31
Writing contest is now up. Details for it can be viewed here: There are 3 contests with 3 separate deadlines so check which one(s) you're entering for. [id# 39]
Posted: 2011-03-18
Haiku & Drabble have been added as sub categories to the original section. An original fiction contest will be announced in the next few weeks. [id# 38]
Posted: 2011-02-10
The issue with the admin/webmaster e-mail accounts has been found and fixed. If you tried to e-mail ether of them your message was lost, please re-send whatever it was you needed.

Also we want to add more categories. If you write for any thing (movie, book, video game, etc) that is not up please send an e-mail to to request the sub-category be added. [id# 37]
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